Managers and employees   Business Arta Surin Parnyan Co.,Ltd. effort based on sustainable human relations , insistence on the principles of professional business, knowledge and institutionaldynamics and increase their ability . for the same purpose basis functions and the group's strategies Chamber of Commerce is as follows : 

1 - adherence to the principle of seriously quality and persistent effort to maintain and improve the quality of goods and services. 

2 - responsibly and look to the interests of the national capital and carefully choosing top brandsand Bravo 

3 - respect for and observance of customers and consumer rights in their interests as the most important element of survival 

4 - bookkeeping and balance by market price on the basis of less profit and sales 

5 - monitoring and continuous study forecast , in line with the market needs, timely supply and diversity of goods , with the aim of developing the market 

6 - the healthy and distribution network services with maximum coverage in order to support,empowerment and continuous communication with customers and dynamic. 

7 - subsets of commercial division of labour and provide appropriate professional services andfast 

8 - continuous increase of employee ability as human capital and the most important factor firm performance 

9 - the establishment of the receiving criticism, proposals and accountability in the company's performance 

10 - respecting the competitors, observing the trade and maintain the healthy competition in order to boost the abilities and  market 

11- constant policy commercial group of Azar Seveil Trucks Trading Group  top quality and customer satisfaction . 

12- ensure our parts , the quality of our parts . 

13 -Arta Surin Parnyan Co.,Ltd. business group with consecutive years of experience in the affairs of importand distribution of car spare parts of European and American all imported products with hologrampainted on the logo of Azar Seveil Trucks Trading Group  business group to satified consumer . 

with the management of commercial Arta Surin Parnyan Co.,Ltd.

Ali Naseri Sofiani